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Bahamas Palm Trees

bahamas-palm-treePalm trees are no strangers in Bahamian landscapes. In fact, when you make a search of the tropical islands of the Bahamas, the very first image that appears is usually that of a palm tree.

One might ask, what makes palm trees so special? Well, the thing is, there is not just one specific aspect that makes palm trees a special plant. Each palm tree holds a unique attraction waiting to be discovered.

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Each one of our palm trees are locally grown. We credit the Bahamian soils, that have nurtured our palms from seedlings to their current healthy and majestic stature.

Montgomery Palm Trees

Veitchia montgomeryana

Montgomery palms are remarkable plants. The trees have a hardy grey trunk with a crown supporting feather-like textured fronds that slightly arch. The trees bear clusters of red, berry-like seeds under the plant’s glossy foliage.

Royal Palm Trees

Royal Palms

Roystonea elata

Common Name(s): Royal Palm

Royal palms are superior beauties. Their grey solid stalk has a collection of compound leaves that extend upwards. The canopy of green foliage, can be seen from great distances away. The height and solid trunk make this palm stately.

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Malayan Coconut Palm Trees

Malayan Coconut Palms

Cocos nucifera

Common Name(s): Coco Palm, Coconut Tree

Malayan coconut palms are popular landscaping trees in the Bahamas. The palms hold a crown of fronds that are based on a solid trunk. The fruit and water make a nutritious and delicious treat to eat. This palm has a high tolerance to salt spray on and can be planted near the coast.

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Florida Thatch Palm Trees

Florida Thatch Palms

Thrinax radiata

Common Name(s): Florida Thatch Palm

Florida thatch palms have shiny green fan-shaped leaves on branches attached to the trunk. There are no prickles or sharp spines on the stems. These palms have a high tolerance to salt spray.

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Fishtail Palm Trees

Fishtail Palms

Caryota mitis

Common Name(s): Fishtail Palm, Burmese Fishtail Palm

Fishtail palms thrive in both shaded and sunny areas. The palms have fish-tailed shaped leaves connected to green stems that extend from the trunk. Small clusters of child-plants are produced from the base of the palm’s root-ball.

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